Chris Brecht - Dead Flower Motel

by rmm



The current project he aptly calls, Dead Flower Motel, is a follow up to his 2008 debut, the Great Ride. The poet-troubadour and his edgy new alt-country get-up, the Dead Flowers are making music that is a complete divergence from the folk Americana that Brecht has created in the past as well as any of the traditional country music coming out of Austin today. The songs are chic and soulful, like the sunset strip in the 1970s, with a fearless mix of bright guitar tones, swooping organ, jagged electric leads and a perfect landscape for Brecht’s lyrics. With his traditional folk roots far off in the distance, the new material possesses an air of sweetheart L.A. country. No love here. The songs are electrified with new influences shining through and a sound that will re-define the boundaries of alt-country genre. Updates, blogs, poetry, half finished tracks and reflections are posted at (the website developed specifically for the album project).


released August 10, 2010

Mastered by Richard Morris Mastering


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Track Name: Witch's Curse
Witch’s Curse

So there might come a time
when the sky is hanging low
I’ll be lookin’ straight into your eyes.
And there might be hard hills
narrow roads and windmills
i only need the proof of sun rise
to watch the moon fade from the sky

She says the night’s like a deaf child
woken up with a big smile
it’s just so happy to be here.
The cold wind’s on her bare skin
blowin’ across her bare shins
i know when we wake up we’ll wake up tired
Don’t mean my heart’s not on fire.

Highways and setting suns broken hills and diamond drugs
there’s a witch’s curse
hiding in the surf
and I’m hangin’ on to every word
As the sun falls down
like a fire into the sea
no one can take you..
you’ll always be here with me…

My dreams are born like night trains
I look at you and my heart drains
I was only watching you in trance
Ain’t that the best kind of romance…